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About SST

Spider (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. (SST, hereinafter the short name of  Spider company) is mainly engaged in the R&D of ePTFE porous  membrane  and the technical service and support of end products.


SST has R&D team composed of a number of master and doctoral students with polymer (polymer) materials background. It is committed to the technical development and modification of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) porous membrane, and a number of undergraduate talents with chemical materials background are engaged in the development of relevant market fields.


SST has invested a lot of money and manpower in technology research and development. At present, 10~20% of the company’s revenue is used for new product research and development, design, analysis, test and characterization, technical consulting expenses, intellectual property protection, etc.


At present, SST has a number of independent intellectual property rights, as well as a number of product registered trademarks.


Integrity casts quality, innovation leads the future!

SST serves terminal markets such as aerospace, computer/telecommunications/electronics, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor, automobile, energy, textile, construction, chemistry, environment, military and medical treatment, creates solutions for customers, and creates products suitable for customers with reasonable and scientific solutions, so as to improve efficiency, save costs and reduce customer complaint rate. In his business activities, while pursuing economic benefits, SST is committed to creating social value, following the coordinated development of man and nature, undertaking corresponding social responsibilities and fulfilling corresponding obligations.

As a science and technology company, SST will increase investment in technology research and development in the future and introduce talents from all over the world. The company’s core products will show their talents in many fields.