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About SST

Market prospects:


1、Medical devices and biomedicine

Three types of medical devices, including all kinds of patches, artificial blood vessels and stents (with a market capacity of more than 1 billion RMB).


2、Electronic material field

Copper plate (PTFE filled short glass fiber, ceramic powder, glass fiber cloth) / copper foil composite, semi cured sheet, electroacoustic field, ceramic filter and shielding material (The market capacity is more than 1 billion RMB).


3、Energy and Electrochemistry

Proton exchange membrane, gas diffusion layer (PTFE resin + carbon powder), catalyst carrier, fuel cell, air cell, gas electrochemical sensor, dry electrode (DBE) coating technology. (The market capacity is more than 1 billion RMB).



Strategic planning:


(1)Improve all applications of PTFE porous materials in the field of Protective Vents and acoustic Vents, and constantly expand the application in new fields.


(2)After improving the application of Protective Vents and acoustic Vents, incubate some new projects to further expand the application of PTFE porous materials in medical, electronic materials, energy, electrochemistry, semiconductors and other fields.


(3)The incubated projects will be separated from SST company, and SST will be the parent company to accommodate as many talents in relevant application fields as possible, so as to make the best use of people and things.


(4)SST will has many subsidiaries, and has a wide range of popularity and brand effect in different fields. It attaches importance to people’s contribution and contribution to society.