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About SST

Budding period & 2014 ~ 2016

Wei Taiyan, founder of SST, has been committed to the biaxial stretching of polymers. In 2015, he began to conduct in-depth research on the biaxial stretching and sintering of PTFE to prepare porous materials and its end market application.


Growth period 1 & 2016 ~ 2017

SST rented a dilapidated factory in Xiamen Haicang Zhongcang Industrial Park and began some simple production and manufacturing.


Growth period 2 & 2017 ~ 2019

Based on Protective Vents and acoustic Vents Technology and continuous professional research, SST have accumulated a large number of customers in the field of consumer electronics, automobile, electronic equipment, solution packaging, medical.


Rapid development & 2019 – present

Related products in the field of Protective Vents and acoustic Vents are basically independent, and have very mature Protective Vents and acoustic Vents products and components, with a number of invention patents and trademarks, with annual sales of more than tens of millions.