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R & D strategy and policy

一、Property scope

SST company is mainly engaged in the technical research and development of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) porous film (new material) and the technical service and support of end products.

SST consists of a research and development team composed of a number of master and doctoral students with polymer (polymer) materials background. It is committed to the technical development and modification of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) porous film, and a number of undergraduate talents with chemical materials background are engaged in the development of relevant market fields.

SST has invested a lot of money and manpower in technology research and development. At present, 10 ~ 20% of the company’s revenue is used for new product research and development, design, analysis, test and characterization, technical consulting expenses, intellectual property protection and other work.

At present, SST technology has a number of independent R & D independent intellectual property rights and a number of product registered trademarks.


二、Industrial layout

While building a team with pioneering, innovative, United and pragmatic spirit, SST paid special attention to the application of modern management concepts in enterprise business activities. In management, he continuously strengthened the implementation of modern enterprise management system, strengthened the implementation of product quality and operation management, and gradually integrated a set of operation mechanism suitable for the characteristics of the enterprise, It has laid a good foundation for the healthy development of the enterprise.

SST technology is closely combined with the industrial layout of Xiamen’s 13th five year plan for the development of strategic emerging industries.


1. Special functional polymer materials

Focus on the development of high-performance special functional membrane materials (including polyester membrane, PTFE membrane), electronic packaging materials, supporting optoelectronic information and new energy industries; Focus on the development of polymer biomedical materials and Nano-composite polymer materials to meet the needs of modern human health.


2. Membrane material

Focus on the development of chemical corrosion-resistant composite materials such as high-temperature fiber composite filter materials and filter bags, and develop PM2 5 fine particle filter products, recycling technology of waste filter materials, development of ultra-high temperature filter materials, etc. Develop new separation membrane materials and application technology, focus on the development of low-pressure Nano-filtration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane in water purification, improve the permeation flux, anti pollution and oxidation resistance of Nano-filtration membrane, improve membrane preparation technology and reduce manufacturing cost.


三、A letter to stakeholders

Over the years, our business activities have been guided by our action policy, which is based on our “three new activities” and “the world’s most pioneer” policy, which is rooted in our customer contact and one of the contents of our corporate culture. While carrying out various businesses tirelessly, we also actively accept the suggestions of many major customers. Therefore, we have basically developed into a diversified enterprise or “joint venture”. By making full use of the advantages and strength of this feature, we will continue to strive to become a core backbone company and lead our stakeholders to a better tomorrow.


四、Company R & D strategy

Our business department R & D center and enterprise R & D center jointly carry out various research and development activities with the goal of expanding existing business areas and creating future value. The mission of the R & D center of our business department is to quickly create products and services and provide customers with new functions to their satisfaction. Our enterprise research & Development Center takes the responsibility of creating value for all types of customers and is committed to developing basic technologies such as product function design, evaluation and analysis, new functional materials and so on.

In order to make the company’s current business sustainable, developing new projects is our top priority.

A broader mission of the enterprise research & Development Department is to expand new projects on a larger scale. We are trying to establish a project creation research & Development Department, which not only carries out pioneering and innovative technology development, but also takes into account the continuous construction of basic technology.