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About SST



※ Safety first

  • Eliminate all accidents and disasters.
  • All employees will participate to build a safe and secure working environment.


※ Provide surprise and moving for customers

  • Win the praise of “this is what I want” from the customer’s account.
  • Work with customers to create new value for the society.
  • Take meeting customers as the starting point and bring prosperity to all stakeholders.


※ Take the lead in capturing change

  • Devote yourself to the front line and feel the changes of society and market.
  • Once you feel the change, take action immediately.
  • Delve into your strengths in order to become the first choice for customers.


※ Challenge and create new value

  • Instead of being afraid of failure and not trying anything, you’d rather face temporary failure and keep challenging.
  • Happy to change, take a step with curiosity.


※ Act quickly. Once we decide to do it, we must have the determination to do it to the end

  • Try to take a step first and think while acting.
  • Share information openly, discuss as much as you like, unite once you decide, and do your best with the strength of the team.
  • At ordinary times, they do not stick to the organizational structure and class, and are committed to fair, open and good communication.


※ Continuous self change

  • Foresee problems with the spirit of “no reduction and generation” and implement reform with a view to growth.
  • Regard continuous change as the origin of growth and constantly strive for change.
  • We firmly believe that personal change will promote overall growth and continue to challenge myself and the future.


※ Honest attitude and understanding and respect for diversity

  • Honesty and modesty are the origin of our actions and strive to build “respect and trust” with all stakeholders. Recognize the diversity of employees around the world, accept and respect each other.

(Only those who have a sense of responsibility can do their work better, not afraid of hard work and keep trying.)



  • Core PROFILE 1 – professional, honest, efficient, meticulous, thoughtful, serious and consistent.
  • Core PROFILE 2- Try your best, start and finish, customer first, take care of carefully, and be satisfied with the whole process.
  • Core PROFILE 3- Standardize operation and give back to the society.