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【Adhesive type】Handling & Installation instruction for adhesive vents


1、通用准则Common Criteria


The following factors are very important when installing adhesive waterproof and breathable vents on the housing.
• 外壳表面光滑度 Housing surface smoothness
• 外壳安装表面的清洁度 Housing surface cleaness
• 外壳安装表面的表面轮廓 Housing mounting surface profile
• 外壳安装表面的表面能 Housing mounting surface energy
• 应用过程中的驻留时间和应用后的固化时间 Dwell time and Setting time after application

2、储存建议 Storage suggestion

• 防水透气产品应当储存在室内受控环境中,最多存放一年 Should be stored indoors in a controlled environment, up to one year
• 建议的储存条件是温度为21℃、相对湿度 (RH)为50% Recommended storage condition are 21℃ temperature and 50% RH
• 储存在原包装内,保持环境清洁 Store in origical packaging and keep the environment clean
• 避免阳光直射,远离热源 Away from direct sunlight and hot sources

3、操作指南  Installation guideline

• 操作员在操作背胶透气产品时,应戴好无乳胶手套或指套 Operators should wear latex-free gloves or finger covers when handling
• 避免直接接触产品的有效透气区(图1)或背胶环 Avoid direct contact with the effective vent zone( per FIG-below) or adhesive ring
• 使所有尖锐或锯齿状物品远离膨体聚四氟乙烯 (e-PTFE) 透气膜 Keep all sharp or jagged objectives from ePTFE membrane


4、揭取贴片指南 Guide for removing the vents

• 底纸卷的内径为76.2 mm, Roll core diameter is 76.2mm
• 防水透气产品可通过手动方式或采用自动设备进行揭取 Vents can be removed manually or by automatic equipment
• 为防止损坏本产品,不得将本产品撬离底纸卷 Do not pry the vents from the liner to prevent damage the product
• 手动揭取时, 沿着边缘慢慢卷起防水透气产品下的衬垫,直至产品脱离衬垫以便使用 For manual removal, slowly roll the vent along the edge until it’s free from the liner
• 可使用钝边镊子将本品从衬垫上取下(图2)Vent can be removed by using blunt edged tweezers(FIG.2)

5、安装指南 Guide for installation

•确保防水透气产品和外壳温度高于10 °C Ensure that the temperature of the vents and housing is above 10 °C
•确保外壳的安装表面平滑清洁,没有油渍、颗粒或其他污物。不存在锯齿状或锋利边缘,以免其损坏防水透气产品 Ensure that the mounting surface of the housing is smooth and clean, free of oil stains, particles or other dirt. There are no jagged or sharp edges to prevent damage the vent

6、定位 Placement

•纯膜类型的防水透气产品可以安装在壳体内表面或外表面 100% ePTFE membrane vent can be mounted on the inner or outer surface of the housing

•带有支撑层系列产品只能安装在壳体内表面,有透气膜的那一面朝向外面(液体)Laminated membrane vent can only be installed on the inner surface of the housing, PTFE side facing outside (liquid)

•将产品沿平整的垂直平面放置,平面上不能有水或其他污物积聚  Vents should be mounted on flat, vertical surfaces where liquids or other contaminants will not pool

•可在需要采用防水透气产品的外壳上标记或划定“目标区”,以提高安放防水透气产品的精确度 To improve the accuracy of the placement of membrane vent, a “target area” can be marked or marked on the case requiring the membrane vent

•使用目标框作为导向,将防水透气产品安放在框内 Use the target frame as a guide to install the waterproof breathable product inside the frame

注意:对于腐蚀性环境,在透气产品安装位置的周围圈上凸起的目标区可能会有助于防止损坏透气产品边沿。Note: For corrosive environments, a raised target area on the ring around the installation location of the breathable product may help prevent damage to the breathable product edge.

7、压合——适用于半自动系统  Pressing – Suitable for semi-automatic systems

为了实现出色压合头设计和获得适当施加压力,请遵循下述一般建议:To obtain appropriate pressure application, follow  general recommendations as below:
•压合头应由薄厚均匀且厚度至少为5.0 mm的软橡胶(硬度为20 – 40邵氏硬度A)制成 The pressing head shall be made of soft rubber with thickness at least 5.0 mm (hardness 20-40 Shore Hardness A

•压合头应与外壳安装表面垂直,并且位于能够向目标/防护环施加压力的位置 The pressing head shall be vertical to the housing mounting surface and in a position to apply pressure to the target/guard ring

•根据背胶环的面积大小,在防水透气产品的背胶区域施加大约2.07 bar的均匀压力,压合头表面作用力要适当,以防压到防水透气产品的透气区域 According to the size of the adhesive area, apply a uniform pressure of about 2.07bar to the adhesive area of the membrane vent. The force of the pressing head should be appropriate to prevent pressure to the breathable area of the product.

•压合头的停留时间应超过5秒 The dwell time of the pressing head should exceed 5 seconds

•放置24小时后再开始使用或测试 Allow at leaset 24hours dwell time before using or testing

•这些步骤非常必要,可确保本品牢牢地粘贴在外壳上 These steps are necessary to ensure that the product is firmly attached to the housing

8、压合——适用于手动安装 Pressing – Suitable for manual installation

•确保整个背胶环贴紧壳体表面 Ensure that the entire adhesive ring is attached to the surface of the housing

•用手指直接沿背胶环圆周区域轻轻按压至少两圈,以使防水透气产品与壳体牢固粘合,注意不要触碰透气区的中心部分(图5)Gently press at least two times directly along the circumference of the adhesive ring with your finger to make the waterproof breathable product firmly bonded to the housing. Be careful not to touch the central part of the breathable area 

•放置24小时后再开始使用或测试 Allow at leaset 24hours dwell time before using or testing 

•这些步骤非常必要,可确保本品牢牢地粘贴在外壳上 These steps are necessary to ensure that the product is firmly attached to the housing

9、 终检 Inspection

• 如果使用目标环,本产品应当完全位于目标框内,不得压在框壁上 The membrane vent shall be completely located in the target frame and shall not be pressed against the wall of the frame 

• 一旦完成安装,不应当重新安放本产品 Once the installation is finished, the product should not be reinstalled

• 从安装表面上取下防水透气产品时,会造成损坏 Damage can occur when the membrane vent is removed from the mounting surface

•可用异丙醇清洗外壳安装表面 The mounting surface can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol

•安装防水透气产品前,应确保外壳安装表面干燥 Ensure that the housing mounting surface is dry before installing 

•通常建议采用至少1 mm的孔 Usually recommended hole diameter at least 1mm

•直径更大的防水透气产品可能需要采用多个1 mm孔(图3)* Larger diameter waterproof breathable products may require the use of multiple 1 mm holes (Figure 3) *