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【Snap fit】Handling & Installation guideline of Breather Valve


Typical Specification

Housing/Enclosure size

储存建议 Storage Suggestion

建议您将产品存储在阴凉干燥环境中(20–25° C/30–50%相对湿度),避免阳光直射,且最好使用原包装储存。

It is recommended that you store the product in a cool and dry environment (20-25 ° C/ 30-50% relative humidity) , away from direct sunlight and in the original packaging.

按压式透气阀安装方式 Installation for Snap-fit breather valve

  • 1)清洁安装表面和安装卡扣式通风口的区域,以清除任何污染物。允许清洁后要干燥的表面。

Clean the mounting surface and the area where the snap fit vent is installed to remove any contaminants. Allow surfaces to dry after cleaning.

  • 2)理想的安装位置是在外壳壁上的平坦、垂直表面上。该位置将防止液体积聚。

The ideal mounting position is on a flat, vertical surface on the enclosure wall. This location will prevent liquid accumulation.

  • 3)当壁厚合适时,建议使用倒角以优化O型环密封。

When the wall thickness is appropriate, chamfering is recommended to optimize the O-ring seal.

  • 4)在150 N和300 N之间安装通风口,直到听到咔哒声。这将确保适当密封。

Install the vent between 150 N and 300 N until you hear a click. This will ensure proper sealing.