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Ballard And Gore Team Up To Advance Fuel Cell Growth


A multi-year fuel cell supply agreement was announced today between Ballard Power Systems and W. L. Gore & Associates. A signing ceremony at the 6th International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress (FCVC 2021) honored the two companies’ prior collaborations and supply partnerships, while commemorating their new commitment to advance the benefits and applications of fuel cell technologies. Both companies are excited about advancing this technology for applications around the globe.


Defining the future through quality and innovation


Ballard, the leading sponsor of FCVC 2021, is known globally as one of the leading providers of innovative fuel cell solutions, including air- and liquid-cooled proton exchange membrane (PEM) stack platforms for motive and stationary applications. Ballard is well positioned to support the expanding global market for fuel cell solutions, including China’s New Energy plan: it has been powering buses for more than ten years and is now deploying its 8th-generation system for buses.


Ballard chose to collaborate with Gore due to Gore’s history of innovation, and multi-decade expertise in membrane technology:


  • Gore produced the first commercially-adopted membrane for passenger vehicles, and since 1994 has been advancing the performance of PEMs for other applications. 
  • The advanced technology of the GORE-SELECT® Membrane enables more compact, durable and higher-output fuel cells proven to extend the life of the system.


Together, the two companies offer the market more than 50 years of combined know-how, as well as a mutual passion for pioneering next-level technologies. Gore global automotive strategic marketer, Enze Chen, attributes the long-standing Gore-Ballard relationship to the organizations’ shared values:


“Ballard and Gore share a mutual commitment: to hear and understand our customers’ needs, to deliver innovative solutions to those needs, and to provide the exceptional quality, value and global support our customers expect.”


“It is easy for us to collaborate on advancing fuel cell technologies, because our companies are aligned in a common purpose,” said Chen.


“Ballard and Gore are committed to joint technological developments that will offer the market next-generation motive and stationary fuel cell systems,” said Jason Birdsall, Ballard’s Director of Supply Chain Management. “We look forward to collaborating even more closely to support the requirements and empower growth of the fuel cell industry — not only within Asia, but globally.”