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【Venting Solution】 Applied for TMA magnetostrictive


Background introduction of application

TMA magnetostrictive level is a kind of high precision measuring instrument used to measure relative elevation change.  Accurately measure the liquid level by measuring the distance between the electronic bunker launcher and the float. The settlement monitoring system composed of magnetostrictive static level is based on the principle of connecting device, and the settlement amount is calculated by the variation of the equipment liquid level between the datum point and the observation point. It is mainly suitable for long-term automatic and high frequency vertical displacement monitoring in geotechnical and structural safety engineering.  

Problem faced by the customers

As sensitive electronic devices that work outdoors for a long time, they will face various challenges in harsh environments, like sealing failure, dust particles and rain water entering the device.

Therefore, they need the device with excellent protection to avoid the the dust pollutants and rain water ingression and pressure stability to assure the accuracy of the data.

And customer asked special requirement that there should be no water seepage at a depth of 2 meters to assure that the device can still work as usual in case of flooding.

What SST can do?

The high quality SST stainless waterproof and air permeability valve assembly can solve the problems.

It can effectively protect the TMA type magnetostrictive level is not affected by dust pollution and the impact of the rain. At the same time, the stainless waterproof and air permeability valve has excellent permeability, which can effectively balance the pressure different inside and outside sensitive level.  

Key property    

Cover material


Membrane construction

e-PTFE/PET backing


2000 ml/min/cm²@7kPa

IP rate


Operating Temperature




product details as: SST-Porous®Stainless steel Srew In series Protective vents–(typical application:Motor、Telecommunications、Power Distrubition Modules, etc)