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【Venting Solution】SST high quality breather valve to protect outdoor lighting


Use SST high quality of breather valve to protect outdoor lighting

Outdoor LED in addition to care about the brightness of the light, components, fixtures, but also need to pay attention to outdoor lamps and digital signs also need cover protection waterproof breathable products. When outdoor LED lamps are turned on and off, the air inside the sealed housing heats up and cools down. Then there will be positive stress or negative stress, this alternating stress change will cause the failure of the seal or gasket, thus losing the sealing effect. Rain may enter through gaps and short-circuit the module, while dust may enter through gaps and blur the lens.

This is why it is important that commercial lighting manufacturers gradually and realize this stress relief so that components and fixtures begin to rely on SST micro breathable and reliable cover protection waterproof Breathable (EPV) technology. Small plastic vented screw in valve or plastic vented snap fit valve  can effectively balance the internal and external pressure difference of the enclosure, so as to eliminate the stress, avoid the failure of the sealing ring, so as to prevent the entry of dust pollutants, extend the service life of its outdoor lamps and lanterns, and control the production cost.

Doc. Zhang, senior Application Engineer at SST, said: “Waterproof and breather valve or weldable breather membrane products, according to the power size of the luminares (the size of the heat), so as to choose the appropriate airflow product, this micro breathable, can effectively balance the internal and external pressure difference of the enclosure, while still can obtain a strong” micro seal “effect.

SST plastic screw in breather valve and plastic snap fit breath valve made of e-PTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene porous material) and plastic shell for reliable hot melt welding, can prevent liquid water and dust into the lamp shell, at the same time, in the temperature change, can effectively balance the internal and external pressure difference.

“We are a professional manufacturer and technology solution provider specializing in micro breathability and micro filtration,” said Doc. Zhang. “Depending on the product characteristics and application requirements from customers, we can provide different types of waterproof and air breathable membrane products, or add customized accessory design, logo or color differentiation. Our strong team of application engineers can provide fast solutions in a short time.”

Although we serve a wide range of customers, such as automotive, liquid packaging, consumer phones, outdoor electronics, micro filtration and ventilation for medical devices, we have the ability to work closely with our customers to understand and meet their requirements. It also helps to manage costs and speed up delivery.

“The high collaboration and communication between SST departments, an effective process has been established that makes cost reduction more possible,” says Dr. Zhang. “We manufacture waterproof and air permeable valve products that require fewer steps to complete due to reduced process flow, thus greatly reducing the product cost and further enhancing the core competitiveness of the product.”

Over the years of effort, with rich experience of waterproof and air permeable solution in automotive lamps (headlights, taillights, fog lamps, turn signals), motorcycle lights, consumer landscape lamps and other industries, SST brings new waterproof and air permeable solution to the urban lighting market.


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