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【Venting Solution】SST waterproof and air permeable products assure the underwater camera working safe and stable


  • Introduction of terminal Industry background

Underwater camera , it uses high-quality cable for video transmission control line, pluses control box, pay-off winch and other auxiliary control equipment composed of underwater camera system. The main function is measurement, monitoring, exploration and so on. It is a camera that can be used underwater, with a sealed compression housing, usually using an industrial camera as the core component. The price of underwater camera also varies greatly with the function, performance and purpose of underwater camera. Underwater camera quality are also mixed, and with different reputation. We must choose good brand and excellent quality ones when choosing underwater cameras.


The main applications include:

  1. Marine construction Works – Preliminary survey of reef and seabed conditions. Complete condition inspection, and as an aid to underwater operations such as bulldozers.
  2. Resource survey – Seabed oil fields and surveys of pearls, corals and various algae.
  3. Fisheries – Fishing nets and detection of fish in a particular water area.
  4. Wreck investigation – monitoring of the salvage process, inspection and evaluation of the underwater parts of the ship to be repaired, etc.
  5. Underwater maintenance – Supervision of underwater silt for hydroelectric power generation and inspection and welding of water supply pipeline inside power plant.

7, river and reservoir dam supervision and other underwater construction facilities regular inspection.

Waterproofsound permeable membrane

  • Problems faced by manufacturer

Underwater camera manufacturers need to make sure that their cameras work properly underwater. Only by ensuring that the underwater cameras have proper functions to capture the colorful underwater world.

In addition, the waterproof camera having built-in battery, the battery will produce gas when working, at the same time, will also produce heat;

For this high protection, while at the same time having the function of air permeability, SST’s waterproof and air permeable membrane and allied products can provide the perfect solution for underwater camera manufacturers!



  • Problems need to solve

01Excellent waterproof performance  

Working in the deep water environment, Underwater camera having good waterproof performance is one of the necessary conditions. The equipment needs to work continuously in a depth of several meters or tens of meters but no water ingress. SST chooses the high stability of high grade water resistance  breathable products, well to meet customer’s of waterproof requirements. 


02 Air permeability

Gas accumulated by the battery working for long time has more than 100mbar pressure, this pressure is enough to deform the housing , resulting in the seal failure and the waterproof failure of the underwater camera. 

SST’s high water resistance and breathable products not only guarantee excellent waterproof performance, but also have good breathable performance, which can release the gas generated by the battery, balance the pressure difference between inside and outside the enclosure; and it is not only ensures the normal operation, but also prolongs the service life.



03 Excellent Acoustic permeability

Most of underwater cameras need to collect audio at the same time. In order to obtain better sound quality, underwater cameras need to be equipped with microphones to collect audio information well. SST’s waterproof sound permeable membrane features extremely low sound loss and distortion, while the highest waterproof rating is up to 3ATM.


  • SST product information

01Waterproof & air permeable membrane


Typical airflow:300 ml/min/cm²@7kPa

IP rating:IP68


Working temperature:-40℃-125℃

PFOA Free  


02Waterproof & sound permeable membrane


Sound loss: <3dB

IP rating:IP68


Operating temperature:-40℃-125℃

PFOA Free  


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