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【Venting Solution】SST Plastic breather valve solve the welding problem for ECU manufacturer



Today’s automotive market demands more advanced venting solutions for electronic components in conventional, hybrid and electric vehicles. Gore is ready, with life-of-vehicle automotive venting performance that enables sensitive control units, sensors and actuators, motors and hybrid/electric components to function accurately, and reliably withstand ongoing exposure to harsh operating conditions.


One engine control unit (ECU) manufacturer was not satisfied with the weldability of the membranes with the enclosure it used because of serious welding problems. 


SST plastic breather valve, the special ePTFE permeable membrane is welded with the plastic effectively. The formed breather valve assembly is very strong, which solves the welding problem of the membrane.

An engine control unit (ECU) manufacturer approached SST automotive division for cooperation after experiencing serious membrane welding problems with its waterproof and breathable enclosure. SST’s weldable breather valves protect sensitive automotive electronics from contamination and help improve engine control system performance.

SST Micro breathable Filtration Solutions team recognized that it must supply strong enough membrane to this OEM to effectively weld with its automotive components. Our senior automotive applications engineers know that our products have the ability to improve the performance and extend the life of components. They worked with the OEM to select the right single piece membrane product and provide welding expertise and advice to optimize the waterproof and breathable design solution. Working with SST, the OEM found an effective solution that is easier by automatic welding. More important thing is that, the OEM saw improvements in performance and extended life of its components.

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