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【Venting Solution】SST waterproof and air permeable membrane protective motocycle loudspeakers


  • Introduction of terminal Industry background

Motorcycle sales volume increased significantly

Since the advent of the motorcycle in the late 19th century, it has become one of the most important modes of transportation in the world. According to Statista data, since 2015, the global motorcycle market still maintained a stable and fast growth, in 2019, the global motorcycle market scale has reached 124.387 billion dollars. According to statistics, domestic motorcycle sales in 2021 exceeded 20 million, reaching the highest sales since 2014. In addition, the European market, Japan market motorcycle sales also had a substantial growth in 2021.

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association says the increase in young riders is one reason for the increase in motorcycle sales in the yeas of 2021. As people pursue diversified, personalized and differentiated ways of life and recreation, motorcycle is no longer just a means of transportation, but also a fashionable outdoor entertainment tool.

  • Problem faced by manufacturer

As an outdoor entertainment tool, motorcycle parts are directly exposed to the external environment, and the road conditions are more severe, therefore, consumers and manufacturers of motorcycle parts requirements are also increased. Among them, the loudspeaker parts are installed in a special position, which is easier to contact with oil, so the test conditions of the main engine factory on the loudspeaker are particularly strict. In order to ensure that the test passed smoothly, a well-known Japanese motorcycle brand, on the speaker parts, to the SST (SST) sent a cooperation invitation.


  • Problems need to solve

01Excellent waterproof performance

In rain and snow weather, ground water and other severe external environment, have a good waterproof performance is one of the necessary conditions. The customer requires that there will be no water seepage on the membrane surface under the 14-day drenching test. SST selects IPX7 waterproof grade breathable products with high stability to meet customers’ requirements for waterproof performance.

02 Durability

The customer requires breathable membrane products to vibrate for 40 hours without diaphragm shedding at 50-500 Hz vibration frequency. After tens of thousands of vibrations, the SST adhesive membrane products still maintain good adhesion under high frequency vibration. It not only ensures the normal operation of parts, but also prolongs the service life.

03 Oil repellency

Because the loudspeaker part installation position is special, it’s easy to contact oil. Customers require that the product in contact with different kinds of lubricating oil and gasoline, without affecting the air permeability of the membrane. By using special surface oil repellant treatment technology, SST has developed a level 7 oil repellancy product, which has passed the 24 hour oil surface static test, effectively solve this problem.

  • SST product information


Airflow:≥500 ml/min/cm²@7kPa

IP rating:IP67

Operating temperature:-40℃-125℃

Oil rating:7

PFOA Free  



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